Scorpion Red

SCORPION RED ( for which I am a diplomatic liason, not one of their PHYSICAL go get em bust em up agents), is a worldwide agency that reports Anti-Asian/Anti-Oriental/Anti-Native sentiments. My Myanmar(Burmese) ARMY girlfriend, and her sisters here in Toronto rather HEAVILY back the Native Indian populations here in North America. She recognizes the proven fact that North American Native Indian populations originated in the mainland of Asia., and even I am a linguist, that fact is so easy to confirm. And though legally I suppose it is true that you people at are not obligated to grant my request here to have that National Geographic post taken off my ‘ Blogs I follow ‘ …….haha, I strongly suggest you do, considering some of the connections I have. And do not try to tell me that National Geographic is trying to ‘ expose ‘ a situation where people need help, that is pure B.S. and you know it. The goal of National Geographic has always been to make others on the planet look like 5th rate citizens. Now get that crap(National Geographic) off my page. Trust me, if I don’t like National Geographic, then I know a ‘ few ‘ people whom do not like it either. 


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