Israel and Hollywood up to it’s old tricks . – The Jordanians will not buy it .

The recent Hollywood stunt of having the sister of a Jewish American Hollywood star making it look like she was upset that she was not ‘ ALLOWED ‘  to wear head dress and veil at a religious gathering in Israel recently, was as usual, the same tricks of REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY that the Jewish Mossad have ALWAYS used, from Toronto, LA, New York to Israel, wherever . . . I mean, hey, the goal obviously was to try and strike some ‘ commonality ‘ between themselves and their enemies, the Jordanians . . . Does anyone in this world observing this childish stunt really believe that Jordanian woman are going to start crying and feeling sympathetic for Israeli women because they claimed they were not ‘ ALLOWED ‘ to wear head dress and veil at a ceremony? ( ya know, like as in to try and evoke some empathy from Jordanians like as in as if ‘ Oh my gosh, those POOR Israeli women weren’t allowed to wear their veils, their lives are not so easy either, oh boo hooooo. . . .)  Forget it, the Jordanians will not buy it.  – Israel is holding Jordan PRISONER. The Jordanians must pass through about five ‘ checkpoints ‘ just to get to work every day . . . THAT is UNACCEPTABLE. I mean, even a 10 year old Jordanian girl in a very revealing Aljazeera documentary could see the insanity the Israelis are presenting the Jordanians. And in the same video on, a Jordanian business man showed them his factory which has been rendered useless by the Israelis, and he stated he can do fine business and compete with the best in the world, if it were not for Israeli obstruction. The name of the video on is ‘ Hard Crossings ‘  .  That video says it all.