A Meeting In Mainland China with Ex-Employees of Whitehouse. . . .

I remember a 6 hour dinner meeting with ex-employees of the Whitehouse in Guangzhou , China a little while back. . . And here is a quote from a guy whom was in his 70’s at that time……” You see, Kevin….this is what the deal has always been……The U.S. has always relied heavily on air campaigns, campaigns that often fail, especially in certain terrains, and when U.S. troops boots hit the ground, I mean when they need to fight a ground battle, they always lose….when it gets down to the grit, they can’t fight ground wars . . . ”     –  Anyways, oh yah, sure……..there was plenty more information imparted to me at that meeting, about anyone and anything in Washington, bet you all would love to hear it,…..  well , maybe some other time .  For now, I will just say, hey, no wonder Harper only sent a C-17 to Mali, because he knows Canadian troops would be sliced to ribbons there for sure, and so do I because I’ve seen, unlike Harper, in real life, in person, how Nigerians, Burmese, Vietnamese and Chinese troops train . . . . TOUGHER than any North American or European troops would even ever DARE to train, believe me.  


CIA and their ‘subtle’ wimp-ass assassination ‘ threats’ they post in regular media as Yahoo etc….

Yahoo yesterday had some post about a girl whom is supposed to be really freaky and oh soooo dangerous man…..oh please, such Canadian and U.S. kitchen knives rattling….let’s see, they said this girl  has already killed animals( they do that at Canada Packers every day 24-7 anyways, so whoopdie doooo) and has indicated an interest in killing humans…  then they specified that she is walking around with ‘ a kill kit ‘  .  hahaha ! Oh hey people, make me laugh or what? Oh piddle-diddle on a fiddle .  In Mainland China for example I have had about 25 good assassination attempts on MY life by CIA and Mi6, and they always fail, because I always win, and I always will . Infact, right here in Burlington Ontario 9 days ago up at a local mall, a suspicious looking character was approaching me with large jacket and he was just reaching to his left with his right hand, so seeing he was probably packing a bit of ‘ heat ‘ , I simply stepped to his right, my left, blocking his ability to draw whatever little hand pistol was tucked in their between the newspaper on his left side. . . I turned around a few strides later, smiled in a laughing kind of way. You should have seen the surprised look on his face. Sure, I’ve seen and experienced everything. Can’t assassinate me, forget it. And what a BORING assassination attempt on me THAT was. Fuck, I’ve certainly seen better. Oh well, it’s Burlington Canada, can’t expect too much excitement.  Trust me, your North American ‘ Kill Kits ‘  ain’t loaded with anything like I’ve disarmed in Mainland China. Know what I mean Hillary?  hahahahaha ! Oh fuck, you North Americans are HILL-arious .

Ireland : Celtic Language and Culture .

Besides my family’s Central Asian/Oriental ancestry, we also have alot of Irish in our(herstory) history as well . Ya know. . . I really wonder, why is it that people in Ireland are not speaking Irish Gaelic 24-7.  I mean, hey man, if I come to Ireland, I will NOT speak English, I will speak Irish Gaelic. I mean, if I go to London sure I will speak Chinese, Russian, Arabic, maybe some Uzbek, and certainly be pleased to speak some English if the opportunity arises, sure why not?  haha. . . Oli Twist and all that, right Lizzie ?  The absolute High Priestess of Gaelic used to live here in Toronto, they were my best friend’s mother. She was from Ireland, and taught Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic in an extremely exclusive university on an island just off the coast of Ireland. She herself knew how to speak, read and write more than one version of particularily Irish Gaelic, but also Scottish Gaelic, and she could sit there and translate a Rankin Family album’s Gaelic lyrics in a firestorm blink of an eye . Absolutely phenomenal . Bono is always talking about peace, and no wonder coming from war-torn Ireland where, for a reason I just do not get, the Irish and Roman Catholics at it with eachother, and for what? I mean, they should probably see that both sects of Catholicism probably have more in common to get along with than to be arguing about. So, anyways, in Ireland give me a restaurant menu in Gaelic, and I’ll have a spaghetti bolanaise with some Irish clovers sprinkled on top, bit of parmesaen, sure. . . why the fuck not?   – Smile baby .

U.S. Submarines Have Ability to go deep below and into any continent. – Read my conversation in Mainland China with a high-ranking former U.S. Navy now retired and served in Japan, South Pacific for 30 years. . . .

The U.S. today is threatening to ‘ charge a service fee ‘ for ‘ disaster ‘ relief . . . . Oh?  –  Considering it just may be the U.S. itself who is CREATING not all, but surely SOME of these ‘ disasters ‘ with U.S. Submarines extremely deep below a given continent in a region they wish to exert control, ya know, create a disaster, then come in like heros offering the solution. . . . Don’t think so?  Then read this . . . .

A  quote from a face to face conversation over a coffee in Mainland China with a former U.S. Navy now retired, served in Japan, South Pacific 30 years :   ” Well, you see Kevin, U.S. submarines do not necessarily travel the full arc vector of the earth in the water. . . highly classified is that there are passageways BENEATH all continents that submarines can traverse. . . like for example, the distance from say San Francisco Bay to the harbor in Hong Kong is not as long as you might imagine, because we can cut right through extremely deep passageways in a straight linear path instead of travelling a semi-circle half way around the world. . . we literally go through and under continents in submarines. . .and it does have many tactical advantages. . .”

So there you have it. . .  To make a long conversation and story short, when I asked him if the U.S. Submarine fleets set small explosions under continents they wish to influence, he said ” . . .now Kevin, THAT really IS quite classified. .”  So in as much as he said nothing on that, it says ALOT, obviously .  Scorpion Red feels, ‘ hmmm, something about that recent tsunami in Japan ‘ . . . more than likely U.S. wanting to be sure Japan is under their thumb at a time when U.S. is planning to get agressive in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea. . . .


Meeting with one of Nigeria’s top military I recall in Mainland China.

In the BCNK(Burmese-Chinese-North Korean) Army Conglomerate Supreme Commandress headquarters in Mainland China, I recall a rather lengthy meeting with one of Nigeria’s representitives. . . So Kevin, you are from Canada. . well, I will not say I am extremely thrilled about that because it is still British Empire forces, but ok, nice to meet you Kevin, but I will say , I am telling you Kevin ” America IS the Devil. ”  A very large man in stature, pretty viscous sense of humor, entertaining, great meeting . Anyways to make a long story short,  – so, this week Canada is thinking of going to ‘ help out ‘ in Western Africa? Well, besides the fact that Canada has no real clue whom they would be fighting against, I mean seriously, oh well, I’ve got nothing else to say really. . . the good friend of the Burmese Commandress, the man from Nigeria, trust me, he will not hesitate to annihilate Canadian Forces in West Africa. Just a little something off the bat today. Have a good one, cheers, I’m having a cappucino. 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton. 72 hours ago someone from Scorpion Red Panama is wondering if you would like a free bus ticket to Raleigh North Carolina or perhaps a plane ticket to Czech Republic(landing not included) . Nobody needs your opinion in this world Hillary. You are just a simple little girl from Scranton Pennsylvsnia who knows nothing about this world we live in . You are as you have always been :  a photo opportunity seeking professional socialite who for some reason nobody knows why, you feel you must have your face in everybody’s business……oh little hillary wants to be the leader of the hopscotch club, the bake- athon club, the whatever club …as long as you got your face in it even when you know nothing about the subject at hand, , , and as we all predicted from your insane psychological profile, you played sick for awhile after realizing the blunder you made snubbing Ms. Karimov in NYC, then dumbo you realized it was HER FATHER , president of Uzbekistan whom allowed your troops to back their asses out of Afghanistan ( a place they should not have been in the first place) into Mr. Karimov’s backyard Uzbekistan, and then to return in the media with some power profile, photo of yourself, like as in to reasert your ‘ grandure ‘,,,haaha, so predictable, I was just counting down the seconds KNOWING your ‘POWER PHOTO’ or whatever would certainly show up BEFORE end of this weekend . I originally predicted Sunday evening, but there it is right now on Yahoo . haha. You are such a simpleton Hillary Rodham . Give it up Hillary. . . Even Lavrov was laughing it up about you after your last photo opportunity in Russia when you could not even remember what door you had just walked in.   

NASA U.S.A. again today trying to show ‘ predominance ‘ in this solar system’s space program

In an interview from 25 years ago I remember, the camera pulls in close to her, a Jewish American NASA employee, and she says, ” Well, it’s obvious the space program in this solar system will be Judeo-Christian based. ”    –  Oooops, she spoke to soon, because oh no it is NOT, that is NOT how things in the REAL Universe have turned out. The U.S.A. is still trying to give everyone the ‘ image ‘ that they are ‘ leading ‘ the space program here. Look, a film of solar flares, even a small colony on Mars, will not compete with what is up and coming from the Chinese Space Program, it’s called Lightspeed+ Technologies in the form of a Star Cruizer that will probably be the most stunning media story in the herstory(history) of our planet. If you are now between ages 1 – 45 yrs. , then you stand more than a good chance of seeing Dragon Empress 1 (or whatever else we decide to name her) rise right out of the South China Sea . The American Media will be paralyzed with shock for sure, this is going to be so much fun .  Oh la dee da, another posting yesterday by Hubble or NASA, whatever, about small satellite galaxies around Andromeda, whoopdie dooooooo. . . . Our own galaxy has a few satellite galaxies just touching the edge of us. The Supreme Commandress of the Burmese Army has contacts in a star system in one of those satellite galaxies next to us, her interstellar girlfriend came right down out of a black disc one evening in Kunming, China next to the border of Kunming and Burma. . . . .  Sure it’s for real, just like it’s for real when the Burmese Commandress tells me that she knows personally that some employees of Disney are heroin addicts. A couple of them use to do all their cartoon editing down on Landsdown St. in Toronto .  –  Reality  .