CSIS (Canadian ‘ Secret ‘ Intelligence Services) and more evidence of their abilities to create extremely NON-diplomatic relations with people .

–  In Vancouver, myself and some others were in an internet bar typing in the Chinese Language, three people walked in, one stood right over my shoulder and said ‘ We don’t want that shit here ‘  . I said, ‘ you mean the Chinese writing?‘   He replied ‘yes’ .   I told him to fuck off and he did, and as he was leaving he said ‘ We’re from CSIS buddy ‘  I said, ‘ ask us if we care . ‘   CSIS is not friendly if you are watching Hindu and Pakistani music videos either. I am a member of Satsanga Society of India. CSIS wants to tell me and others not to write Chinese, Urdu, Hindi or Arabic? Really? Not a wise move CSIS .

Simon Cowell British Subject of American Idol, and his ability to create undiplomatic relations with North and South Korea .

A little while back on American ‘Idol’ , Lovely, Gorgeous, Beautiful and so Talented North American Native Indian Shania Twain commented on a performer from Korea, John Park, and how she thought he was a fantastic singer/performer, she commented how she likes his cheek bones and great eyes etc, and Simon Cowell reacted with a temper saying to Shania Twain ‘ Shania ! Shania! ‘  which could be perceived by anyone watching as a reprimand to Shania. And after that show, nobody heard or saw Shania Twain around for a long time, and she ended up with strange health problems. Nice that she has returned in these times though.  I mean, the South and North Koreans are already much closer to the Burmese Commandress than anything American floating around the Pacific. Some say Simon Cowell is a racist, maybe he is, or maybe he was, maybe he is not anymore. Anyways, what else need be said?

The Dalai Lama requesting that Buddhists in Burma stop ‘attacking’ the Rohyinga Muslims, do you all think it is such a simple geo-religio-political situation, is it that simple? Ofcourse not, and here is why……..

It is the Kachin Karen Christian Extremist Rebels in Burma who dress themselves up as Buddhists and go fire-bomb the Rohyinga Muslims. And THAT is WHY the Burmese Commandress has standing orders to eliminate Kachin Karen Christian Extremist Rebels . They are indistinguishable from the rest of the population, kind of hard to catch, and she knows they are the ones doing the shit-disturbing between Buddhists and Muslims. I guess you all remember when a group of American ‘diplomats’ were detained in Northwest Burma recently, yah ofcourse, because she knows the Karen Christian rebels are backed by the U.S. She called Thein Sein and just said, hold those Americans right there, and question them. Sure the Kachins are being financed to cause shit between Buddhists and Muslims because the Christians don’t want them to be allies, obviously. Sure, she can reconstruct Rohyinga communities, but then the Kachins come back , undectectably, and wreck everything again, so until she gets rid of them. . . . the situation then is simply not what people think it is. . . The Dalai Lama is not the highest power of Buddhism on earth,  – SHE IS.  And as I mentioned before, it is SHE who sent PLA into Tibet to Protect the Dalai Lama’s Buddhism. Yes, she exists, she just never exposes herself to the media in any way. She’s been to Toronto. Yah, I would know.

The Uighers of Xinjiang

The Uighers of Xinjiang live and work extensively throughout all China, and there are no problems between Uighers and Chinese. For example , there are many whom work in Guangzhou city way, way in the south of China, there are never any problems with Uighers in Guangzhou. There are U.S. and Canadian CIA trouble makers in Guangzhou whom yes, sure enough have their contacts even all the way up to Xinjiang, they just call them to stir up shit with the Chinese, and yes the other dimension is , for sure there really are some tensions sometimes between local Uigher and Chinese officials about some pay-off not made whatever. .The Burmese Commandress is well aware of all the facts and has said even though her Buddhism and Islam are ‘perhaps not so close ‘ , still she will send troops to Uzbekistan if Karimov ever needs assistance, for SURE . The Burmese Commandress has no war with Islam as she has stated, and has more than extensive contacts in Yemen. . . U.S. and Canadian CIA spoofs hang out in a little bar right across from The Garden Hotel where Pierre Trudeau’s photo with a Nigerian and Chinese minister is on the wall from the 70s, yep, right there on Huanshi Lu. . . .

U.S.-North Korea Relations. An extremely brief note.

The Burmese Commandress runs the Burmese-Chinese-North Korean Army Conglomerate. When you are speaking to North Korea, then you are speaking to the Burmese Commandress. I remember a conversation with her here in Toronto, and she had indicated then she was more than aware of U.S. and Canadian hegemonistic intentions in not just the Orient, but Central Asia and South Asia as well, and indicated that she would imminently send PLA into Tibet, as she has done. She has no war with Islam or Hindu cultures, though CIA U.S. and Canada have been stirring up problems in Burma making it look as if there are problems between Buddhists and Islam. Hey, I am from the Asian region, and there are Islamic mosques in Hong Kong and mainland China, the Chinese government welcoms some forms of Islam. In downtown Hong Kong in Kowloon, one of the most beautiful structures is an Islamic Mosque right on the corner of Kowloon park, there is never any dissention from any groups, and yes, the Christian church has their place right up the street, whatever eh?And when you speak to North Korea, you are speaking to people whom know the LIU FAMILY who’s daughter was murdered in the York University neighborhood in 2011, and this is another story I will speak of in another article. The Burmese Commandress and her friends families are still extremely angry about that. The Burmese Commandress was nice enough to even allow American and Canadian companies into her Buddhist City of Macau, and then U.S. sits offshore of Asia trying to tell everyone how to run their lives? Oooops, hey. . . trust me, its not going over too well, and really, U.S. troops should simply diplomatically move back to Hawaii.  The Burmese Commandress will also send PLA into Uzbekistan if U.S. causes Karimov any problems, though nobody will stop Mr. Karimov from getting some good shopping deals from U.S. , sure. .  . .

About CSIS (Canadian “Secret” Intelligence Services)

In the most diplomatically way possible, to point out one of the major problems with CSIS Canada is. . . . Their old school intelligence agents say in their 60’s and up still cling to old ways and predjudices that are so inappropriate as they always were. . . running around looking for perceived ‘ communists ‘ where there are none, overly paranoid about cultures they simply do not understand etc. . . . Like for example, when I was conducting business in the Chinese language in Vancouver, a CSIS agent named Rick walked right into our office, stood there and started yelling at me ‘ Kevin you CHINK ! CHINK!. . .’  and he said it 6 times as his face went neon red. He was about 65 years of age approximately, and really that was just outrageous. And then two days later a woman from CSIS walked in and said to me ‘ ….they are taking over this place you know?…..the Chinese I mean ….’   and I just said. . . look lady, for starters, Vancouver has barely any population density to speak of , and whomever is settling here be it Chinese, East Indians, Pakistans, Latinos etc, its all fine, not a problem. And she looked at me like ‘ traitor! ‘  I found that very funny.  I still say most Canadians are the least adapted of any group in the world to Global Culture . I would know, I am from the Asian region as well as having been born in Canada. Anyways, obviously anyone can imagine that if language such as Rick used against myself slamming Chinese language, then hey,  if CSIS agents go around swearing at people speaking Ukrainian, German or whatever, then CSISis just setting a bad example of itself really. . .