I have been first hand witness along with the Burmese Commandress of Canadian Government Intelligence Agency harassment of REFUGEES in Canada. Canada Intelligence agents do things such as walk into a Vietnamese music concert hall in Toronto and for no reason start pouring everyones drinks all over them, and on the floor, turning tables over…….The Canadian Government are a bunch of liars. In many very insiduous processes the Canadian Government uses extremely subtle and sometimes non-subtle ways to eventually for example turn a Panjabi into a PanJEWbi……well, its true. 

If there was a PROPER government in the Canadian region to receive refugees and actually treat them fairly without many imposed regulations, then sure, then it is fair , but the Canadian government as it stands brings people here, and essentially INSISTS on stripping people of their cultures. The Syrian war zone was created by shit-disturbing Canada, U.S. and Israel in the FIRST PLACE. And then the Canadian Government wants to PROFIT from REFUGEES, not really help them,.

Justin Trudeau does NOT support multi-culturalism. Ofcourse he will be instructed to say to accept more refugees from Syria because the Canadian government is in the BUSINESS of making deals with anyone from ANY country in the world, then putting those refugees in the OWE, like, sure , here, I shall do you a favour, now ya owe me type of thing, this is WHAT the Canadian Government DOES…they look for a few whiners in ANY country and try to put them in the OWE. So, anyways, sure, bringing people here under THESE type of conditions is always for the WRONG type of reason because it is for PROFIT by the Canadian government…Bob Rae and all these whiny Canadian Politicians, thats all they have ever done, they are looking to make money from war zones, war zones that were created by Canada and U.S.A. and Israel shit-disturbing in the FIRST PLACE.

John Kerry. – What is it with an ASSHOLE such as yourself that you just cannot get it through your racist, prejudiced , thick, Christian Extremist FUCKING SKULL ?Fuckers as YOU need to GET OUT of Asia. High Confidence my ass….Assad had absolutely no reason to use chemical weapons . Old ASSHOLES as YOU John Kerry need to die out of this world much quicker. If you want to see American things, sure, great! It is not a problem, sure, NFL Sundays, alright, so get your ass back to U.S.A. and leave other cultures to be themselves as well. Fuck, you are such a bigot, fucking insipid idiot Kerry.

Barak Obama. Your intel agents LIE to you EXTENSIVELY. The Zionist Jewish clan in U.S. government is just bandying you around like a shit-rag, you are not a shit-rag, but they treat you like one. Forget it man, forget it. The consequences in U.S. will undoubtedly be way more than devastating. Its too late for this shit in this world now, this old school 1960s way of U.S. just thinking it can apply this type of pressure whenever, wherever, forget it man, if ya want peace, forget any attack on Syria. Just, I mean, seriously just put it out of your thoughts.

Ottawa Ontario, Little Fucking Shit-Disturbing Zionist Jewish Nowheresville Ottawa, as if anyone NEEDS this fucking fucked up town‘ s medical opinions on anything. Stephen Harper, YOU are beginning to get yourself and North America in general in a bit more than a bit of trouble. The Burmese Commandress, long ago, made it known that she has made certain implements we shall say into U.S. and Canada, gifts from Venezuela and Cuba, and if you fuck with Asia, then man, she has promised to grand slam North America and Britain pretty fuckin good dude, and she KNOWS Britain is the trouble maker backing the U.S. and Canada even if they say they are officially ‘out’ , so dont even bother Harper, you fucking goof . . . Though, if you think its worth it Stephen Harper. .You do not have the life experience and knowledge I do Harper, The Burmese Commandress has been to Toronto, and I remember her in an automobile on Landsdown St. in Toronto, in an absolute rage about yourself and the Queen of England and how she would, if opportunity presented itself, hurl acid in both of your faces(the standard Asian offering of outrage and disgust, no big deal really, everyday thing) ….yah, she is nice, but you piss her off, yer finished dude, even if you attack a Muslim country, yes . Dont believe it? Okeeeee, well. . . . um, yah .