Magnetic interactions of subatomic particles observed for the ‘ first ‘ time? haha…posted on Yahoo yesterday….Well, ummmm… way , completely UNTRUE….MAGNETIC interactions of SUBATOMIC PARTICLES have been studied and observed pre 1975, because when some of us were only 9 years of age then, we could buy books on the subject, wow, you people are WAY WAY BEHIND THE BALL. . . Submolecular CONCIOUSNESS INTERACTIONS as well, OUR study group was on that LONG BEFORE X-FILES which is a former CIA William Casey production, an episode which I chuckled about revealing that CIA VIRGINIA does NOT have anywhere near all the knowledge on this subject, but WE DO. . . So I can say We are your Overlords, or be nice and just say We are your Babysitters, whatever ya like eh? 

– : )

To dispel one of the greatest mistruths in physics this evening…….

The concept, as I pointed out 8 years ago, that ‘ As things speed up time slows down ‘ – is a total falsehood.  Look, if Fischekella is coming down the straitaway in the Indie500 , say at 200mph whatever, then THAT is HIS business, and the people sitting in the bleachers eating popcorn and having a Coca Cola, well…that is THEIR business. However, both activities occur in the SAME time reference, their is no time lost or gained by Fishekella or the people in the bleachers. And. . .. sure enough , if a crew travels in a star cruizer for 2 weeks at a moderate speed of 1.2 million miles per second, then that is 2 weeks passed for the people back here on earth and 2 weeks passed for the crew of the star cruizer, round trip is one month for cruiser and people on earth.  There are no special esoteric effects for the crew and people on this planet or for anyone else in the galaxy because quite simply , nothing changes ANYWHERE just because a crew in a star cruiser decides to travel from point A to point B at whatever speed they wish to go. . .just like nothing changes for the people in the bleachers at the Indie500 just because someone decides to drive 200mph down the strait . . .this is a FACT .