Digital Streaming Internet Radio

From Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Central America,South America, Asia, India. . .digital streaming internet radio is impressive in signal clarity. It is a nice service, though I think it needs to be Monetized . It should only be accessible on a Membership basis . There are a plethora of streaming internet radio stations on this ‘Radio Rage’ service. I am listening to Radio Mix Panama right now. Good station, as are stations in Uzbekistan, Lahore and Karachi Pakistan, Kashmir,Russia… and many Central and South American stations. . .Yes, it’s good, but only if there is MONEY in it for the musicians on the playlists .


Banking on Exclusivity

You can never doubt a human being’s need for change or things that are simply different. And you never need to be unsure about people’s needs to own things that have anything to do with certifying and/or upgrading their perceived social status and acceptability to their piers. And, it is always when people are accustomed to a ‘ norm ‘ that they are most likely to be inclined to spend on a novelty or simply the same thing they already enjoy, but in a different form. I mean, if you love chocolate, you may be inclined to have chocolate in the form of a chocolate bar at 9am, then a cup of hot chocolate at 11am, chocolate cheesecake at 2pm etc…..but it is all chocolate. If Original Music is of such a high calibre and quality, but recorded on a medium from which it cannot be transferred, not available on internet, and sold only in select Music stores, people will certainly look for it. Now, sure. . Trying to build a world-wide musical cash base in this way again seems rather retro, well yes, exactly. That is precisely why I speak of Exclusivity . And if you can write originals as I do fortunately, not just for myself , but also fuel other artists with phenomenal hits, then, hey it might take a bit longer to get it through people’s heads that ‘ Um, hi ! Hey, you can BUY our CDs and DVDs and Blu-ray music recordings and videos right over there at our special Music Store, yes ! ‘  I mean, after people start buying FULL CD and DVD productions, realizing ‘ hey, these people do not just have ONE good song on these albums, holy smokes, every single song is a true smoking SMASH HIT ! Sure, I’ll buy their next one for sure. ‘   – It can be done . And marketing the disks along with their exclusive Players that go with them I think adds to the simply different, novel and tactile experience of the musical interaction. I mean, I remember when going into a record store to pick up an LP or Cassette, and after you had paid for it, and it was in your hands, there was always this feeling associated with the transaction as ‘ Ahhh, great, now I HAVE IT, the REAL GOODS direct from the artist, I’ve got a copy of the album that everyone wants to own, tingly warm feeling. ‘  Almost kind of like I guess the way a professional diamond thief may feel after a good one and upon returning home, opening the little black bag, pouring a few into their hands, and exhaling with a smile and a perceived inner glowing, knowing,  yes, now these are MINE ! ‘   Know what I mean?  Humans enjoy touching things, possessing, owning things. So yes, I do believe that this marketing of exclusivity can work, if you have the songwriting department, which fortunately I do .   – Smile baby . . .


Media Platforms: Do you know where your media really is?

ImageOne of the greatest misperceptions a musician or anyone managing in the music business can make is to think that you have any truly wide exposure on internet, you do not. For example, if you want to do a live streaming broadcast of a performance using internet only, then you must purchase what are known as ‘ slots ‘ ,  meaning 1 slot is ONE viewer. I know, I have inquired about this. . . Live Streaming Microsoft or any of the providers will sell you blocks of 100, 200, 300 slots etc, but you cannot obtain very much. It is all highly digitized, segmented and controlled. If you do not first have a real radio station am/fm or real television station linked to satellite, then you essentially do not have much. Only real radio and television coverage with analogue(to digital array) have a broad audience base where you can potentially hit say 500,000 or 1million viewers simultaneously, but not with fiberoptic internet on it’s own, forget it. IPTV has live satellite and pre-recorded materials for access, and it is not too bad, though IPTV is still experiencing many uplink/downlink problems obviously because the local LANs through which they are pumping data,text and video cannot truly handle the massive IPTV loads yet, it is still quite a bit out of sync, thus kind of unreliable. And…. Many artists have thought for instance, that they are actually broadcasting on a ‘ radio ‘ service by say Myspace with their Myspace ‘ radio ‘ , but it is NOT a radio channel, just digitized, highly regulated internet, with like basically no passive viewer availability. . .nice to IMAGINE isn’t it though? haha, you must know WHAT media platform you are placing your material or forget it. Stay tuned for more updates.  Have a nice day, real or imaginary. I prefer real myself.

Music and Money

ImageMusicians, sure. .upload ONE or maybe two songs and videos to the web as a free promo to your complete disc production, but don’t give it all away for free online. It is natural for people to want to show what they can do, and the creators of the internet understood this basic psychology , people like to show off, and it is so quick and easy to accomplish online, which is what the creators of internet were hoping for, and got it. . . – They tricked the whole human race into being THE BIGGEST FREE EMPLOYEE BASE of all time. You see, what music in essence has been reduced to in terms of value is summed up in a quote I shall give you from a communications company I read a few days ago, and this is really how they and other data providers feel about music now, quote :  ” People make sounds, share your sounds. ”   ( ‘ share ‘ ofcourse meaning to give away for FREE , ya know, just ‘ share ‘ . )   And now, the control of the sales of music is mainly in the hands of only a few providers whom are hording the profits to themselves, and probably will not tell you how many people have purchased your work online, and how can you know, you have no access to their files. And they get YOUR genius talent basically for free, essentially speaking.  To me, as important as enjoying the art of songwriting,  is to translate this talent into CASH, and LOTS of IT . I think any serious musician should feel this way. I mean, and I always give this analogy. . . – What if a bakery whom has been hard at work since 3am, opened it’s doors and simply said to everyone walking by, ” Well, it’s all ready! C’mon in and take whatever you like ! ….Oh no, we certainly do NOT want your money, please . . . help yourselves. ”    See what I mean ? 

Submolecular: Protecting music copyright at the submolecular level

ImageEvery soundwave beyond it’s digital encryption also contains a submolecular signature that can easily be arranged to create say, a form of submolecular LOCK on any musical communications products. It would mean being able to stop radio waves from a broadcast being picked up by magnetic tape, any types of disks and other mediums. Sure, simple in theory, and I may not be the only person whom has thought of this, and yes, this technology is not quite yet available today, but IBM and some Chinese communications transfer research projects are getting pretty close. Though, even if available, this type of ‘ molecular lock ‘ would be quite expensive to implement immediately. So, people in the music business must consider solutions that first and foremost are economically viable to produce, and in sync with the technology that IS here and everyone is using .  Now, THAT is the TRICK, bigtime. I have brainstormed many concepts that are mechanically viable for example, producing a DVD-R type product or Blu-Ray that will play to only the device it is played upon and is non-transferrable to any type of flash and cannot be picked up by laser to send down the fiberoptic line for retreival(stealing), and without giving it away just yet, the concept involves USING the DVD MEDIUM, but simply altered slightly to function in a completely different way yet still insertable in any player system, and it is economically viable. However, even with this, still we must deal with open speaker systems from which soundwaves can easily be grabbed, and THAT is truly the final frontier where only a submolecular technology could facilitate a final solution. How much trouble the average person wants to go to rerecord music from outspeakers is negotiable which brings me to my next point. . . Simple Human Logistics.  –  A non-technological way, though also not perfect is simply to form a World Musician’s Union wherein everyone agrees to not upload their songs and videos to where they can be accessed for free, and only recorded upon say Blu-Ray and other DVD and particularily Mini-DVD and Mini-CD type product formats(with my proposed anti-transfer technology) that MUST be inserted into players that facilitate those products only ( such as Home Entertainment Systems , disc players of any kinds.  Sony has stopped marketing it’s Minidisk players and are no longer available on the market. I personally feel that retraction was a bit premature. Obviously the basic conclusion everyone in the communications industry has come to is that really the up and coming generation is fine with only downloading artist’s music and album art on their PMs(Personal Mobiles), and yes it does seem to be an overwhelming landslide in that direction , but. . . I am going to say that I am still a strong believer that human beings are still exceptionally tactile sensory beings who like to FEEL a solid object in their hands ( say obviously an artists new Blu-Ray or DVD disk of whatever type, with the physical artwork right there, just like Coke,, hey it’s the REAL THING, right? ) Do you want to drink a REAL Coca-Cola this evening or a virtual one, if that could be accomplished? haha….Ofcourse, the new physiopsychological dynamics of the new generations growing up also need to be considered because true enough, human beings need or desire to be so tactile, touch-sensory oriented may possibly be altered permanently, so only time and observation can provide us with the hard reality on this subject.

Holographic Technology in The Music Business

ImageMUSION is a company that offers projectable holographic presentation technology. A business person giving the annual sales roundup from a distant location can be cast in virtual to any location, a hall, a stadium, everyone there sees and hears them clear as day, or a moonlit evening. . . Something I had predicted ages ago was for the music industry projecting artists to stadiums as holograms, stadiums filled with customers who paid to see this artist, understanding that it would be a holographic virtual performance for all but the one stadium where the real artist was being projected from. . .This gets really interesting because in this type of situation you are marketing to customers a certain percentage of reality for the price of the ticket sold. And then the one could ask something like ‘ Well, there is nothing truly like the REAL performer being there in all their bio-essence standing right there, so who would want to buy VIRTUAL performances? ‘  Well, here is where sociopsychological conditioning plays a role. . .  – Just what the parameters of  what ‘ reality ‘ is or are accepted to be as ‘ your reality ‘ can be an incredibly SUBJECTIVE matter. Through group concensus marketing, a whole nation of people can essentially be conditioned to accept that non-reality simply IS their reality, because that is just the way it is, you know, it’s the everyone follows the trend effect. . . So what is my opinion of all this? Well, I love technology, and sure, this type of holographic projectability has it’s place for some things I think, but for music, when the whole event is centered around the fact that the artist is right THERE for real in the stadium with you, it’s unmatchable. I mean, people could purchase a pay-per-view concert for an artist that happens only once a year, broadcast worldwide simultaneously to everywhere and atleast you would be seeing the real artist on your t.v. computer, iPad or whatever. . . but broadcasting holograms into stadiums for this purpose, well, sure, it actually does have potential, but I say you cannot beat having the person LIVE onstage, though it will be up to the public to decide just how much reality they wish to purchase.