The U.S. Military should certainly consider this. . .

One of the greatest incentives the U.S. Military should consider to not harass Oriental and other Asian/Central Asian communities etc. . .is The Lightspeed+ Program. An interesting fact is that depending on how the U.S. performs in the Asia Pacific Region, will determine whether U.S. will eventually receive designs for Faster than lightspeed propulsion technologies, as The People’s Liberation Army of China already have. . . The most peaceful solution the Burmese/Chinese commandress thought reasonable is simply to continue denial of lighspeed+ technologies to U.S. indefinitely until U.S. proves it can get along with everyone else. Sure, I agree. . . And, besides the massive interstellar cruiser now being constructed in mainland China, another project for which the U.S. ‘was’ going to be invited to participate in, is an interplanetary spacecraft program for our solar-system . . . a craft that internal systems designs are now being worked out in terms of developing technology, expenses etc….this vehicle will be able to get from here to Mars in say, about 5 minutes, even under a minute if you step on it a bit…….but ofcourse, if the U.S. Military pulls the wrong moves in Taiwan Strait, South China Sea etc……..then no dice on this program for U.S. for a long time to come. Hey baby, if I say I play Spanish guitar, then sure enough I can pull it out and play for you right there and prove it…And by the same token, if I say I design theoretical spacecraft propulsion systems, then it’s the same deal ……….Have a nice day .   – One of your baby sitters.