NASA : You do NOT have any REAL Space Program to speak of. The garbage Boeing and others build can barely get anyone from one continent to another here on earth, Branson builds AIRPLANES, NOT Spacecraft that fly in LOW Earth Orbit. I cannot wait to see the trash you and the Swiss will try to transport people in to Mars. haha….You have nothing. So stop writing such bullshit in the media pretending to be in the lead. The REAL Space Program is based in Mainland China. Ye Shall See. . .


Celine Dion NEEDS to wear HEAVY EYELINER so she can look MORE ORIENTAL. Every girl in the world wants to have beautiful Oriental eyes. The evidence is everywhere. just look in any Canadian or U.S.A. Cosmetics Department. Using Cosmetics IS ALTERING one’s appearance, its just a temporary form of alteration. Sure, Jewish Lesbians do not complain or get jealous about beautiful Oriental Women, no doubt eh? – Read the previous article below to get the full meaning of this one.

Jerry The Jew Yang at Yahoo today authorized publishing an article about Julie Chen whom had plastic surgury. Julie Chen has claimed in an interview that she did not get surgury to specifically want to look more Western, she personally, simply as a person wanted to slightly alter her look for personal reasons. It is true and extremely disturbing however, that a group of Jewish Women in China are going around trying to convince Asian Women to alter their single eyelid to ‘ look more Western’ . This is an EXTREMELY SICK head trip that EXTREMELY JEALOUS JEWISH WOMEN from the U.S.A. are putting on Asian Women. In fact, much of the political warring between the West and Asia is CREATED by North American Jew females whom are simply extremely jealous of their much more beautiful Asiatic counterparts. Yah, sure, the truth is , all Western male population could easily be assimilated by the Asian female popoulation in about 5 minutes on this planet.

The Jews in Washington wanted to make damn sure that their president of U.S. was the psychological profile they needed, and with Obama they got it. They recognized that Obama was and still is the type of person who will do anything to hold on to a perceived position of ‘ Power’ . They knew that he would make any type of compromise in his mind simply to hold on to the POSITION, even if it means going along with Jewish Zionist LIES, and being called a Black Jew by Boko Harum, Al Qaeida, Hammas, well, I think they are correct. Barrack Obama is just a fuckin lawyer, and we all know how fucking MENTAL CASE Lawyers are. Fucking Hillary Clinton is a fine example of a complete RETARD LAWYER, a FUCKING NUTCASE. Hillary Clinton in around the year 1982 thereabouts, took it upon herself to ORDER the ASSASSINATION of David Koresh simply because he had some women in his house and a few higher powered pieces of weaponry there. Oh man, so what? I mean, at his age, David Koresh was all hormones, and what she should have done was just got more Commandos and Marines to talk to him, instead of …..and HERE is WHAT Hillary Clinton did…..She ordered a JEW-Compliant American Wanna-be Japanese (Jap) with a machine gun and just gun down David Koresh. Let me tell you, Hillary Clinton will NOT be elected President in 2016, Fuck the hell off you half-baked loonie toone JEW, YOU are NOT going to be President in 2016 you Fucking JEW .

Celine Dion, though having a good voice, there are many, many other women in other countries that are way, way better than any Frenchie Celine Dione, and they are better song writers than her by way far. And besides, Celine Dion is as UGLY as HORSESHIT piled upon HORSESHIT, so who fucking cares about her EQUALLY UGLY French language cd? ……    – Nobody.