And Queen Elizabeth. . .Forget about getting Japan to stir things up for you . .

And Queen Elizabeth. . . You can forget about getting the Japanese to stir up war with China (making it oh so predictably convenient for British forces to step in and ‘ help ‘ Japan in war with China), forget it queenie, game over for your bullshit . We have been monitoring you for years, well aware of your potential intent to cause a small to medium size genocide in mainland China, but THAT is NOT going to happen little queenie. .Oh NO. You are so predictable, and we knew mention of this would pop up some day, like today in , a headline indicating the above mentioned scenario . British, American and Canadian forces – if they try any bullshit whatsoever in the South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, bothering the Asia Pacific Region, The Burmese Supreme Commandress has indicated absolutely DEVASTATING PUNISHMENT to Canada, Britain and the U.S. . . So ummmm, not a wise move there Lizzie, kind of better if ya just forget the whole thing, yah….chill out have som Earl Grey, or hey, some Chinese Green Tea, oh yah, we’ve got you lock, stock and barrel there little queenie . Done Deal .


People’s Liberation Army of China is laughing all the way to Lightspeed . . .

The People’s Liberation Army of China has already received Faster Than Lightspeed Propulsion Technology Designs. . . I would know, because I am the one who dreamed them up, gave them to the Supreme Commandress of the BCNK(Burmese-Chinese-North Korean) Army CONGLOMERATE, whom in turn presented the ideas to PLA physicists whom to even my shock and amazement confirmed that they can see how the designs will definitely work. Wow. . . great.   – The United States and Britain will never receive Lightspeed+  Technologies if U.S. and Britain cause any problems in The South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, Indonesia etc. . . . So, without a shot fired, a very easy going solution, and The Commandress has indicated that she will share this technology with Vladimir Putin of Russia in the not too distant future, but she was waiting to see if he will gang up on China with the U.S. first, she thinks he will not. So, as we say in China, ‘ just BIDING our time ‘ while one hell of a nice Interstellar Star Cruizer is being assembled RIGHT NOW by Peoples Liberation Army of China. . . .

Queen Elizabeth, was that you or your friend sabre rattling on Yahoo yesterday? haha. . .

Oh. . whoopdee diddley doo. . . Is the queen of nowhere’sville issuing idle threats to the world by bringing up that ‘ Thatcher and Reagan were a test of loyalty ‘  on Yahoo yesterday?  Oh well, my my….getting desperate there Lizzy? haha.. Ya know there LIZZY, you think in very medieval ways, really out of date. . . Thinking of taking your dirt back to Africa I see this evening? Oh, another archaic medieval move there queenie . . . ya know. . . . tell ya what there Lizzy. . . read the next one .

Prezident of Uzbekistan’s daughter receives bad treatment on recent visit to New York City

Ms. Karimova, President of Uzbekistan’s daughter was treated unfairly by the New York crowd when she arrived for a fashion show recently. Ms. Karimova does her own pop music and videos, and really likes fashion as well. So, what was the New York crowd trying to prove by treating Ms. Karimova so bad cancelling her fashion show? Unknown to even most American politicals is that Italy and Uzbekistan have had good relations for a long, long time. The owners of a nice Italian restaurant in New York City hosted Ms. Karimova’s fashion show instead .

U.S. Presence in Japan is ‘ tolerated ‘ , but not really wanted.

All Asian communities, including Japan, belong to the Buddhist Confucian Commonality, and only ‘ tolerate ‘ U.S. presence in Asia, though it is not really wanted . The presence of the new United States Guam base in South Pacific is living proof for the reason Japan bombed Pearl Harbour in the first place. . . – because they knew little upstart America was going to come running around in everyone’s backyards making unsubstantial claims in places that do not belong to them, resources etc. . . .

The bloodlines between Japan and Korea

The relationship between Japanese and Korean peoples is much more than the American military and government are even aware. Sure, even the Supreme Commandress of the BCNK(Burmese-Chinese-North Korean) army CONGLOMERATE has confirmed this to me. And even Boeing could not get any business in Asia without first sitting down with the Japanese Yakuza which is directly linked to the Korean triads. Hey, there is some guy on my ‘ Blogs I Follow ‘ post, looks alot like Kidrock jumping up and down there with a Katana sword. Well. . . Mr. Ritchie Racist Kidrock, I suggest you stick to buttering your bread with that Katana sword. Do you and Rahm Emmanuel(Chief Deputy of the Jewish Mossad Intelligence Agency) in Chicago wish to go to war with the Japanese Yakuza and Peoples Liberation Army who now essentially OWN the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Stock Exchange in downtown Chicago? That. . . would be most humorous .

The name ‘ Canada ‘ – Ka Na Da

The three sylabals in the name Canada are the sounds of the first three letters in the Korean alphabet. . . Sure, as a linguist I can confirm that many of the sounds inheirent in North American Native Indian dialects come directly off the Korean Penninsula. The reason for the obvious even distribution of North American Indian populations throughout Canada and the United States is because in the past, when the North American and Asian continents were within pretty much seeing distance of eachother, many people from the Asian continent crossed to the present day North American continent, at all latitudes. Asiatic peoples did not just make the crossing up in Alaska, but at points all down the North American coast originally .