Celine Dion, though having a good voice, there are many, many other women in other countries that are way, way better than any Frenchie Celine Dione, and they are better song writers than her by way far. And besides, Celine Dion is as UGLY as HORSESHIT piled upon HORSESHIT, so who fucking cares about her EQUALLY UGLY French language cd? ……    – Nobody. 


I have been first hand witness along with the Burmese Commandress of Canadian Government Intelligence Agency harassment of REFUGEES in Canada. Canada Intelligence agents do things such as walk into a Vietnamese music concert hall in Toronto and for no reason start pouring everyones drinks all over them, and on the floor, turning tables over…….The Canadian Government are a bunch of liars. In many very insiduous processes the Canadian Government uses extremely subtle and sometimes non-subtle ways to eventually for example turn a Panjabi into a PanJEWbi……well, its true. 

On aljazeera.com, you can see a new video post in The Cafe section listed at bottom of the page. Go into The Cafe, and get the video ‘ Israel, the enemy within ‘  which discusses even Israelis being divided amongst themselves (so they say) with regular Jews and Zionist Extremists, anyways bottom line is, you will see for example a fellow from Zionist movement that I think reflects the average paranoia of the overall Israeli condition about ‘ outsiders’ and the threats they perceive to be against Israel etc…one guy in response to a comment about how Israel has such a low population, and that it is not even made up of all Jewish people, the Zionist Extremist replied something as ‘ …..well, then I will have more children, whatever it takes……’   So it gives you an extremely clear insight into Jewish Zionist Extremists.  Non-Extremists also present, present the concept of an ISRAELI state, and not so much on specifically Zionistic principles, because the population is so mixed. Anyways…….there ya go.    –  Syria is being harassed by Zionist Extremists in my opinion. 

Its simple.  In the city of Guangzhou China and Hong Kong, there is plenty of Islam culture there, and never any disturbances. Sure, when U.S. and Canada think they have their foot in the door in a region, then they cut the shit-disturbing.  In Burma, as the Burmese Commandress pointed out, and continues to point out, it is The Queen of England shit-disturbing Burma with her Karen Kachin Christian Extremist soldiers. Hey, it only takes 5 or 10 Kachin Extremists to rouse up extremely quickly say 100, 200, or even a 1000 REAL Buddhists to gang up on Muslims in Burma. People in Asia will conglomerate extremely quickly about almost anything, like for example in Hong Kong outside a music video store if 10 people stop to watch the screen, then in minutes you can easily see 50, then maybe a hundred people looking at it for a time………Sure, it’s an easy phenomenon to produce in Asia, and everyone knows this.  –  Everyone knows it is UN Forces causing shit between Buddhists and Islams in Burma, it is so obvious, because they are stirring up shit peripherally to areas where they feel they already have a foot in the door, other places where Buddhists and Muslims get along with absolutely no problems.

Kachin Rebel Christian Extremists backed by The Queen of England causing more shit in Burma.