Justin Trudeau and the people who back him are LIARS. The people who back Justin JEWdeau are the same people who brainwashed Luka Magnotta to kill, then cut up the body parts of a Chinese citizen, then post those body parts on the doors of Parliament in Quebec. – Quebec Jews who pretend to be French. There are actually not many real French people in Quebec, just Jews who hide behind French-Canadian identity. Justin Trudeau is an Israeli Jew as his father before him.


Look at this absolute fool Pauline Marois, an absolutely classic looking FRENCH FUCKING FOOL. This fucking FRENCH-ASS FUCKING retard should move her FAT FRENCH ASS back to Paris, ofcourse hardly anyone there speaks French now either. Oh there is plenty of Arabic, Spanish, Russian, English, Portuguese, Uzbek, Tajik and Italian in Paris, but NOT FRENCH. Fucking UGLY FRENCH language. Pauline Marois, there are enough ASIAN FORCES in QUebec to REMOVE your FAT FRENCH ASS from government, want to see?

People whom are 60+ who think they will revive the French language by putting it on the P.A. on public buses in Burlington, Ontario Canada, can forget it. . . French ALREADY IS a DEAD LANGUAGE essentially. And why Celine Dione would waste her time singing in French, nobody knows, I mean if she wants to go Euro, it would be better she sing in Spanish, THAT is a BEAUTIFUL language, but French oh my gosh that is an absolutely ghastly UGLY language spoken or put to music, just sickening . Thank GOODNESS the French language is just about DEAD in all corners of the world. Oh, such GHASTLY SHIT IT IS.

Get JOHN KERRY OUT of the Middle Eastern and Central Asian area. JOHN KERRY is an OLD STYLE CIA Christian Fundamentalist Extremist who is more of a security threat to citizens of U.S. and Canada than any members of any Islam. JOHN KERRY is NOT MENTALLY FIT to be a representative of North America in the Asiatic Region. JOHN KERRY belongs to a Christian Fundamentalist Extremist group that believes to death, the philosophies and ideas of HAL LINDSAY author of ‘ Countdown to Armageddon’ …JOHN KERRY is a MENACE to life on this planet. All these OLD intel ops as KERRY are a security threat. It is such a fool as JOHN KERRY that the NORMAL population of the U.S.A. and Canada cannot trust. – And Maduro of Venezuela is telling the truth that U.S. Government is trying to undermine Venezuela’s food and electricity supply etc. . . The United States Government will more than likely get it’s own population killed with chemical weapons. I mean THERE IS a REASON WHY the Peoples Liberation Army of China have helped load U.S. and Canada with chemical weapons for over 8 years now. . . Hey KERRY! Wonder why China is signing all those BILLIONS of DOLLARS of contracts with Khazakstan all of a sudden? You will get beat up pretty bad in Asia John Kerry. You should just shut your mouth and try getting along with people instead of trying to destroy their cultures.

If Barrack Obama, a complete political fledgling, ever seriously read Vladimir Putin‘s biography, then he would KNOW the type of GRAVITY and INFLUENCE an OUTSTANDING historical figure as Vladimir Putin has not only in Russia, but all Central Asia, South Asia and that whole neighbourhood really. . . I mean, Vladimir Putin though being polite enough not to say anything, with his absolutely LEGENDARY background prior to be given the official title of President of Russia, Vladimir would know instinctively that someone as Obama sitting down with himself would not really know much about this world we are living in. Vladimir is and was the highest official in KGB for decades, he was running Russia LONG before they officially gave him title of President. No American President or military is just going to walk into Vladimir Putin’s territory, his backyard really and go attacking people he considers valuable business associates. I have met Vladimir Putin’s aides in the city of Macau when I was younger. Anyways, we all knew Obama was wasting his time going to G20 to sell that shit to everyone, and as for Harper of Canada, he is atleast as clueless as Obama or even worse. So, yah….whatever eh? I would fuckin KNOW. I AM from the Asiatic Region of the planet. I speak of FACTS that can safely be minted in Platinum, sure.