Jerry The Jew Yang at Yahoo today authorized publishing an article about Julie Chen whom had plastic surgury. Julie Chen has claimed in an interview that she did not get surgury to specifically want to look more Western, she personally, simply as a person wanted to slightly alter her look for personal reasons. It is true and extremely disturbing however, that a group of Jewish Women in China are going around trying to convince Asian Women to alter their single eyelid to ‘ look more Western’ . This is an EXTREMELY SICK head trip that EXTREMELY JEALOUS JEWISH WOMEN from the U.S.A. are putting on Asian Women. In fact, much of the political warring between the West and Asia is CREATED by North American Jew females whom are simply extremely jealous of their much more beautiful Asiatic counterparts. Yah, sure, the truth is , all Western male population could easily be assimilated by the Asian female popoulation in about 5 minutes on this planet.


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