Get JOHN KERRY OUT of the Middle Eastern and Central Asian area. JOHN KERRY is an OLD STYLE CIA Christian Fundamentalist Extremist who is more of a security threat to citizens of U.S. and Canada than any members of any Islam. JOHN KERRY is NOT MENTALLY FIT to be a representative of North America in the Asiatic Region. JOHN KERRY belongs to a Christian Fundamentalist Extremist group that believes to death, the philosophies and ideas of HAL LINDSAY author of ‘ Countdown to Armageddon’ …JOHN KERRY is a MENACE to life on this planet. All these OLD intel ops as KERRY are a security threat. It is such a fool as JOHN KERRY that the NORMAL population of the U.S.A. and Canada cannot trust. – And Maduro of Venezuela is telling the truth that U.S. Government is trying to undermine Venezuela’s food and electricity supply etc. . . The United States Government will more than likely get it’s own population killed with chemical weapons. I mean THERE IS a REASON WHY the Peoples Liberation Army of China have helped load U.S. and Canada with chemical weapons for over 8 years now. . . Hey KERRY! Wonder why China is signing all those BILLIONS of DOLLARS of contracts with Khazakstan all of a sudden? You will get beat up pretty bad in Asia John Kerry. You should just shut your mouth and try getting along with people instead of trying to destroy their cultures.


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