If Barrack Obama, a complete political fledgling, ever seriously read Vladimir Putin‘s biography, then he would KNOW the type of GRAVITY and INFLUENCE an OUTSTANDING historical figure as Vladimir Putin has not only in Russia, but all Central Asia, South Asia and that whole neighbourhood really. . . I mean, Vladimir Putin though being polite enough not to say anything, with his absolutely LEGENDARY background prior to be given the official title of President of Russia, Vladimir would know instinctively that someone as Obama sitting down with himself would not really know much about this world we are living in. Vladimir is and was the highest official in KGB for decades, he was running Russia LONG before they officially gave him title of President. No American President or military is just going to walk into Vladimir Putin’s territory, his backyard really and go attacking people he considers valuable business associates. I have met Vladimir Putin’s aides in the city of Macau when I was younger. Anyways, we all knew Obama was wasting his time going to G20 to sell that shit to everyone, and as for Harper of Canada, he is atleast as clueless as Obama or even worse. So, yah….whatever eh? I would fuckin KNOW. I AM from the Asiatic Region of the planet. I speak of FACTS that can safely be minted in Platinum, sure.


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