An interesting real life story from Macau, my other home city. . . – I remember sitting at a cafe in Macau seaside on a beautiful afternoon, with a top ranking general from Peoples Liberation Army. He took me for a spin on a very nice street bike, and all of a sudden I pointed to a monument of some sort and asked him, hey, what is that odd thing in the middle of that field?And he stops the bike at side of the road, takes helmet off, myself as well…he draws a deep breath gazing out into the field and he turns to me and says(though he said it in Mandarin Chinese, I translate here), ‘ That thing is Portuguese, it is from when they first came here. We were going to demolish it, blow it up, get rid of it, but we thought it would be better to let it stand in the sun with the tall grass growing all around it looking in disrepair, as a reminder to those extremely presumptuous, racist Portuguese that they are finished here. These Portuguese tried to actually FORCE the local Macau residents to pay for this garbage you see standing here! ‘ And I had said to him, my gosh, yes that is terrible, I would have blown it up, but I see your point.(Naturally I said this in Mandarin Chinese). The point is, PLA does not tolerate foreign infringement, and hardliners in Macau need not but a light breeze of an excuse to kick MGM and Wynn out of Macau. – Hey Obama and your ‘ friends’ , how about that CASH FLOW in Macau? Very eeeeeeasy to make it dissapear, yep . Even the Russians in Macau can make a deal to aquire weapons from PLA in Macau, so can Middle Easterns, the PLA wont blink if Middle Easterns from Mainland China visiting Macau just kind of take out the Wynn Casino and MGM Grand. Pansey Ho cannot help you. I guarantee it . Obama, if you hit Syria, the consequences can be extremely far reaching and final .


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