Justin Trudeau does NOT support multi-culturalism. Ofcourse he will be instructed to say to accept more refugees from Syria because the Canadian government is in the BUSINESS of making deals with anyone from ANY country in the world, then putting those refugees in the OWE, like, sure , here, I shall do you a favour, now ya owe me type of thing, this is WHAT the Canadian Government DOES…they look for a few whiners in ANY country and try to put them in the OWE. So, anyways, sure, bringing people here under THESE type of conditions is always for the WRONG type of reason because it is for PROFIT by the Canadian government…Bob Rae and all these whiny Canadian Politicians, thats all they have ever done, they are looking to make money from war zones, war zones that were created by Canada and U.S.A. and Israel shit-disturbing in the FIRST PLACE.


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