Armageddonist Christian Extremists from the U.S.A. and Canada. – These fools believe so much in all this Hal Lindsay bible prophecy bullshit, that they will even, without even being conciouss of it, direct their actions in the real world to try and fullfil some bible prophecy that THEY believe to be true, however they have interpreted/probably misinterpreted many things in that book . This whole harrassment of Syria is DIRECTLY related to the bible because they believe all this shit about , something about Syria is supposed to be erased and other bullshit, its all a crock of shit promoted by Israel . Sure, Israel is entitled to live its culture and be themselves, but Israel is far too paranoid about other cultures outside themselves, and honestly I think everyone will have had enough and it will be Israel that gets flattened. Hey, dont say I didnt say so . . .and, what is most disturbing is that sitting right there in the Medditerranian right now, the American Navy is composed of many Armageddonist Christian Extremists who believe that bible prophecy bullshit. Israel and The U.S.A. are using terrorism to try and erase the cultural paramaters of Syria, and Assad knows this. Sure, Americans have the right to live their lives as they are, but yo dude, U.S.A. does not have any business threatening Syria . American politicians and diplomats do not really have a clue or understand anything about Syrian culture. They think they do, but they dont.


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