A Perfect Example . – Yet another meddling Mi6 agent walked up to me in Tom Lee Music in Hong Kong in summer of 2010 one afternoon, at first not realizing that I knew that he did not know that I knew he was Mi6, haha…..such a laugh man, and he was totally stunned. . . I had mentioned to him that I think him and his colleagues are up to way too many economic, political, socialogical shit tricks in Asia, and he said to me ‘ …well Kevin, what if these things are for our own country’s interests?‘ and I had simply replied that sure, every country wants to promote things in their interests, but really Mi6 and CIA go way beyond the parmaters of grace and class where this issue is concerned. I had mentioned that I thought they physically try to even damage things in Asian and Central Asian countries to get their way, and he had said, ‘well Kev, by hook or by crook‘ , so right there can in my opinion certainly intimate that UN will go to just about any extreme to get their way, not barring chemical weapons attacks on other countries and then blaming it on THAT country‘s government . He was a Christian Extremist, and nobody in Asia needs to be told how ultimately self-righteous and self-divinifying Christian Extremists are, they are screwed up human beings, mentally derranged fools who think it REALLY IS JUST THEIR Religion that is ‘real’. They are the fucking KYYF of the Earth. Though regular Christians seem alright.   


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