Syria . – Doctors without borders are more than likely vaccinated for anthrax, botcillinum toxin and a few others, it is possible that Doctors Without Borders themselves may have released chemical agents because DWB is CIA , Mi6, The U.N. is lying that they heard distressed phoncalls between Assad and others about chem agents etc, and no chem agents may have been released at all, Mi6 and CIA have their sympathizers in Syria whom would do a routine worth an Academy Award, yah sure, I may be mistaken, but so many people have already made the correct observation that it makes no sense that Assad would chem his own population because it is more than obvious to everyone Globally, that Assad‘s government is winning, they would have no motivation for such a thing, it makes no sense. Britain, France, U.S., and Canada are known for LYING EXTENSIVELY about a foreign country when they want the natural resources in that country, or say in this case, obviously ISRAEL, as usual, is behind all of this trouble-making.


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