Justin Trudeau is being made to look as if he is multi-culture friendly, but with the old 60+ aged guys in the old, out of date Canadian intel community backing Justin Trudeau, myself and others in Asian Intel know that Justin Trudeau cannot really present, in the longer run, a truly embracing multi-cultureal platform. The apparent ‘ bickering’ between Quebec and Ottawa is a HOAX set up by Harper and others in Quebec to create a juxtaposed platform for Justin Trudeau to make it look like he supports multi-cultural society, but I do not believe he does, not REALLY. Quebec(Quebekistan) is run by Jewish heirarchy, and so is Ontario…this perceived ‘difference between the two is illusory, because whomever wins(and considering it just Jewish pretending to fight with Jewish thinking the public does not know), then you end up with the SAME result in any decision on this multi-culturalism issue, that is WHY Harper will not commit to an answer. The Harper government wants to show how ‘ multicultural’ it can be by pretending to be friends with Panjabis because he wants to turn them into ‘ PanJEWbis”……Harper dosent give a flying fuck about any other culture than his own, he is the most basic, dry as a crackerbox, culturally unflexible, uneducated person in the world. He knows nothing about the world, visits places for 5 minutes essentially, 20 star hotel, Harper is a BAD guy to have as a Prime whatever in these here parts.


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