On aljazeera.com, you can see a new video post in The Cafe section listed at bottom of the page. Go into The Cafe, and get the video ‘ Israel, the enemy within ‘  which discusses even Israelis being divided amongst themselves (so they say) with regular Jews and Zionist Extremists, anyways bottom line is, you will see for example a fellow from Zionist movement that I think reflects the average paranoia of the overall Israeli condition about ‘ outsiders’ and the threats they perceive to be against Israel etc…one guy in response to a comment about how Israel has such a low population, and that it is not even made up of all Jewish people, the Zionist Extremist replied something as ‘ …..well, then I will have more children, whatever it takes……’   So it gives you an extremely clear insight into Jewish Zionist Extremists.  Non-Extremists also present, present the concept of an ISRAELI state, and not so much on specifically Zionistic principles, because the population is so mixed. Anyways…….there ya go.    –  Syria is being harassed by Zionist Extremists in my opinion. 


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