Landry in Quebekistan is wasting his breath .

In China there is a common expression, and it goes…. ‘ Let me speak to you in my capacity as….. ‘  whatever, because Chinese, and not just Chinese, but most Asians recognize that people can be multi-capacitated, yet be the same person, not multi-personality as slow-going westerners tend to interperet things. Anyways, so in my capacity as the real head of North American security, I can tell you Bernard Landry and anyone else as himself around his age in North America are exactly the type of unflexible, monocultured, closed minded, old and out of date human beings that, unfortunately are still kicking around this planet. We LIVE on a MULTI-CULTURAL PLANET Landry, and the region refered to as Canada is simply an extremely large piece of land with very few people, its not even part of the rest of the real world man. WE are going to be bringing many more people from other places here LANDRY, the land area on the planet shall be totally utilized .  I am the progenitor of the up and coming Faster than Lightspeed Propulsion Technology Systems, are YOU going to tell ME what the fucking deal on this piece of land on this planet is going to be? – Highly Unlikely, so beat it ya old shoe.  


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