About Justin Trudeau. – This guy is the most vacuous human being I have ever witnessed. I mean, he has absolutely no natural intuitive abilities about any situation on this planet, wouldn‘even matter if his staff FED him facts about things and he memorized them if he could, he just has no natural intuitive capacity to use that info anyways. He is an absolutely ROTTEN public speaker, says things that are pre-processed lines written by much older, ancient and out of date press aides. There is NO WAY that this guy Justin Trudeau will ever be prime minister whatever its called in these here parts, FORGET IT. BELIEVE ME, FORGET IT JUSTIN.‘ Prime ‘ means EXACTLY THAT . And ‘ Minister ‘ usually means ‘ Someone whom can acutally help you ‘ , neither of which Justin are. You have ‘ officially ‘ ‘ installed ‘ Justin Trudeau, but you people with your perceived Canadian Government are about to be Taken Over, and Nothing YOU can DO about IT. DONE DEAL . Keep Watching and you will SEE THE EVIDENCE of WHICH I SPEAK OF. – I ALWAYS DELIVER .


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