Stephen Harper and Barrack Obama are not even qualified to be sitting at the same table as an extremely knowledgeble, battle-hardened politician/military leader as Vladimir Putin. I mean, little town polititians Stephen Harper and Barrack Obama aren’t even in the same leage as Vladimir Putin or scoresfull of other Asiatic/Central Asian/EuroAsian political leaders. Vladimir Putin knows that bashing Syria is offending his friends in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Khazakstan, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan……. And everyone knows that in all these places people CERTAINLY feel EASILY more inclined to learn Russian language as a pleasant addition to their own local culture, rather than say English for example. . . . Sure, Vladimir Putin is the best , most qualified person to negotiate with the regions I just mentioned. And everyone knows the U.S. forces in Afghanistan are simply Israeli Mossad backed shit-disturbers, but you will not hear about that from Floyd ‘Flibbertson’ on CTV or CBC news….Oh , I could literally write ten novels today on the georacioreligiopolical dynamics of the Asiatic Region of the planet, but no time…and Vladimir Putin could probably write a TRILLION novels on the subject. Эта очен хорошо. And if Stephen Harper and Barrack Obama are smart, they will get their photo opportunities and an autograph from Vladimir Putin.


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