Who would believe that Ms. Khan of Mumbai, India would commit suicide from depression? This is absoulute BULLSHIT. East Indian women always have such STRONG personalities and WILL POWER, who can really believe that Ms. Khan being such a young, talented and ambitious person would commit suicide? This is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. The entertainment business world wide is so corrupt and full of so many scumbag people….Look, in the last handful of years Michael Jackson was in my opinion assassinated, as was Whitney Houston, and how about the lead singer for Bony M who died mysteriously on tour? Everyone knows high profile entertainers are signed to HIGH INSURANCE CLAIM contracts. Sure, we have no evidence as of yet that this was Ms. Khan’s fate, however it obviously seems suspicious. My gosh, I am so upset and angry about this. There is NO WAY that she committed suicide, this is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. UNACCEPTABLE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS BULLSHIT ! Oh I am so FUCKING ANGRY .



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