Magnetic interactions of subatomic particles observed for the ‘ first ‘ time? haha…posted on Yahoo yesterday….Well, ummmm… way , completely UNTRUE….MAGNETIC interactions of SUBATOMIC PARTICLES have been studied and observed pre 1975, because when some of us were only 9 years of age then, we could buy books on the subject, wow, you people are WAY WAY BEHIND THE BALL. . . Submolecular CONCIOUSNESS INTERACTIONS as well, OUR study group was on that LONG BEFORE X-FILES which is a former CIA William Casey production, an episode which I chuckled about revealing that CIA VIRGINIA does NOT have anywhere near all the knowledge on this subject, but WE DO. . . So I can say We are your Overlords, or be nice and just say We are your Babysitters, whatever ya like eh? 

– : )


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