The Parti Quebecois IS Jewish run. . . so Canadian Press is not fooling anyone with Jewish people in government pretending to be against themselves…….

And about there being some video game where Justin Trudeau is some hero that  ” destroys ”  America is also a crock of shit…..BECAUSE, for example, even the Peoples Liberation Army of China KNOWS that Canada and the U.S. are just two different faces of the same political entity, the British Empire, Queen of England……Canada always plays the role of being oh so nice pretending like they will not follow the U.S. into war, even acting like they are ‘ against ‘ the U.S.(which they are not), and the U.S. is the nasty fighting force of the Queen of England, so there you have it…….If the Canadian Government is trying to paint Justin Trudeau as some hero whom is friendly with all of Americas perceived enemies, forget it……people in the KNOW will not buy it. Jewish government in the U.S., Jewish government in Canada…….Hey, if you say you are from Ontario or even Quebec and you are in Asia, then some students and military will joke, ‘ oh, so you are from a subdivision of Israel, oh yes, I see. ‘   Yah, trust me, you people are not fooling anybody, atleast not for much longer.


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