Justin Trudeau, I agree with the senior opposition, you really are in way over your head……..

and as an observer with essentially no interest in North American politics, hey, I turned down an offer to be installed as president of the United States, here are only a couple of reasons why, for now, because Canadian politics are sooooo boring man, but here, try this………

–  The PLA of China considers The Atlantic Counsel of Canada, who backs you heavily, to be the same Atlantic Counsel of Canada who brainwashed one of their own young members Brian Dickson to murder Ms. Qian Liu of York University in 2011. And even though there is no hard evidence, the PLA is convinced it was the old, out of date members of CISIS and Atlantic Counsel, say 65 years age and up whom were still looking for communists that do not exist . So really Justin, it does not matter if you yourself are say, an alright person, the point is, PLA knows Atlantic Counsel is just using you as their front………………and Justin, here, from my own personal life experience. . . walking through the hallway of The Garden Hotel in Guangzhou China with The Burmese Commandress who controls Burmese, Chinese and North Korean armies, looked at your dads photo hanging on the wall and said, oh, hey look, its Pierre JEWdeau…………….and she also commented how she knew Jon Bon Jovi is really Bon JEWvi………..and you say you are proud to be a teacher Justin, a teacher of what? I remember an afternoon teaching at the Liu Family English school in Guangzhou,China around 2007, and Mr. Liu saying that the U.S. would not process him or any of his family a visa. Qian Liu was about 13 or 14 at that time, then she enrolls in school in Canada and gets assassinated by Canadian “Intelligence” in 2011, not a smooth move was that Canada? …..so I would say you and Harper are not fooling anyone with your routine of pretending to be at odds with each other, forget it, people in the KNOW, KNOW it is the oldest political trick in the book to get two people from the same party as though going head to head, and whoever wins, its the same party in control anyways. . . and even if as I suspect CISIS Canada is probably stealing and giving you everything I read and analyze online for my own personal reasons, you can read it all you want there Justin, but you do not have the life experience to know how to relate all that info, how it is connected . . . forget it. I agree with the senior members of parliament, you are in way, and I mean, way way over your head. Do you honestly think it is simple as simply looking at your fathers past, having the name Trudeau, and good enough right,  nooooooo way man……..plus you are living in extremely different global racio-religio-geo-economic times with way different dynamics than the times your father grew up in………I would say there is no way that you could be installed as prime minister of this region of the planet, that would make no sense at all, and THAT is OBVIOUS to anyone as myself, and any senior members in parliament. But what the F do I care anyways, Im out of Canada ASAP, couldn’t sell me the job of prime minister for 20 Trillion U.S. Dollars, forget it.


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