Vladimir Putin’s Inauguration in October 2012 was the most fantastic, best inauguration ever presented on planet earth. Wow, so fantastic, even better than a rock and roll concert. So it is easy to see why Vladimir Putin is seriously doing a GREAT JOB with such an artistic touch to make Russia such a wonderful place with many cultures and arts. . . . .

Why do North American and some European countries criticize Vladimir Putin so much? I think they are just jealous of Vladimir Putin, envious. Yes, I mean, he doing a fantastic job, really. About 280 million people or more with so many different cultures to take care of, and he makes it all turn out right. Wonderful artists from Central Asia come to perform in Russia, they speak Russian , Tajik, Uzbek and probably(Rusbek and Rusjik), what are the Finagling French CIA and U.S. Military doing in Central Asia?(Trying to steal Uzbek Gold and Diamonds obviously),…. people there, besides their home language , speak Russian, no need for English or French. Uzbekistan and Tajikistan get enough tourists from RUSSIA, no need for Finagling French CIA FAKE TOURISTS in Uzbekistan or elsewhere in Central Asia .  So here is to Zara, Vladimir Putin and looking forward to Russian, Uzbek and Tajik languages taking over in Paris soon !  Yah Baby !


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