Richard Branson’s Virgin Non-Galactic .

All I see in the test flight of whatever that thing was supposed to be is plain and simply a slightly upgraded version of say an SR-71 Blackbird from the 1960’s, which even back then was flying right at the edge of literally ‘ outer ‘ space in some relative sense. Neither of these craft would get you from here to Mars in less than 500 days, maybe not even 500 YEARS, well you know what I mean. The thing is that it’s just the same revamped technology based on the same principles of physics, no difference. A craft like that is like say, going to a gas station , filling up the car, then asking everyone to get out and push. Yah, Richard Branson…….a guy who thinks sitting on top of a hot air balloon is an interesting way to get around the world. Well, watch it, he might just try to send you to Andromeda in a hot air balloon. Trust me, it will be more convenient to hitch a ride on a People’s Liberation Army Lightspeed Cruiser. Just wait. . . ye shall see . 


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