Its simple.  In the city of Guangzhou China and Hong Kong, there is plenty of Islam culture there, and never any disturbances. Sure, when U.S. and Canada think they have their foot in the door in a region, then they cut the shit-disturbing.  In Burma, as the Burmese Commandress pointed out, and continues to point out, it is The Queen of England shit-disturbing Burma with her Karen Kachin Christian Extremist soldiers. Hey, it only takes 5 or 10 Kachin Extremists to rouse up extremely quickly say 100, 200, or even a 1000 REAL Buddhists to gang up on Muslims in Burma. People in Asia will conglomerate extremely quickly about almost anything, like for example in Hong Kong outside a music video store if 10 people stop to watch the screen, then in minutes you can easily see 50, then maybe a hundred people looking at it for a time………Sure, it’s an easy phenomenon to produce in Asia, and everyone knows this.  –  Everyone knows it is UN Forces causing shit between Buddhists and Islams in Burma, it is so obvious, because they are stirring up shit peripherally to areas where they feel they already have a foot in the door, other places where Buddhists and Muslims get along with absolutely no problems.

Kachin Rebel Christian Extremists backed by The Queen of England causing more shit in Burma.


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