Israeli Mossad backed insurgents kill Buddhists in Thailand.

Is this too simple to figure, or what? And by the way, I am not criticizing regular Jewish citizens in Israel or anywhere else, just the Mossad intelligence agency, and goodness knows they even harass their own Jewish citizens world wide. C’mon, anyone as myself whom has lived amidst the hurricane of what is the conglomeration of the world’s intelligence agencies in Asia, and growing up in Asia, this is just way too easy to call.  Everyone knows if Muslims are killing Buddhists ANYWHERE in Asia, then it is way more than likely Israeli Mossad trouble making, and yes, they make deals and half-deals with interested Australian and New Zealand, U.S. and Canada CIA etc…I mean, hey, wherever Muslims of some sect are killing Buddhists and NOT killing Christians, then it is for SURE Mossad/CIA backed shit-disturbing. I mean, obviously the Mossad will arrange assassinations that are only to THEIR benefit, and stirring shit between Muslims and Buddhists is one way they do it.  And obviously Mr. Nur Nureav of Indonesia sees this very clearly . In Asia, everyone lives with geo-religio-racio-economic issues right in their faces every single day. The Israeli Mossad, for example, if they see someone as myself teaching say English to PLA troops, or even teaching Cantonese to Mandarin Chinese people from Shanxi, then the Mossad says all kinds of terrible things to them to defame you in the hopes you get fired, then Mossad comes in your back door and says, ‘ hey! how about you teach at OUR place? ‘  Hey, Im serious, Ive seen and lived it all baby.


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