Simon Cowell British Subject of American Idol, and his ability to create undiplomatic relations with North and South Korea .

A little while back on American ‘Idol’ , Lovely, Gorgeous, Beautiful and so Talented North American Native Indian Shania Twain commented on a performer from Korea, John Park, and how she thought he was a fantastic singer/performer, she commented how she likes his cheek bones and great eyes etc, and Simon Cowell reacted with a temper saying to Shania Twain ‘ Shania ! Shania! ‘  which could be perceived by anyone watching as a reprimand to Shania. And after that show, nobody heard or saw Shania Twain around for a long time, and she ended up with strange health problems. Nice that she has returned in these times though.  I mean, the South and North Koreans are already much closer to the Burmese Commandress than anything American floating around the Pacific. Some say Simon Cowell is a racist, maybe he is, or maybe he was, maybe he is not anymore. Anyways, what else need be said?


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