The Dalai Lama requesting that Buddhists in Burma stop ‘attacking’ the Rohyinga Muslims, do you all think it is such a simple geo-religio-political situation, is it that simple? Ofcourse not, and here is why……..

It is the Kachin Karen Christian Extremist Rebels in Burma who dress themselves up as Buddhists and go fire-bomb the Rohyinga Muslims. And THAT is WHY the Burmese Commandress has standing orders to eliminate Kachin Karen Christian Extremist Rebels . They are indistinguishable from the rest of the population, kind of hard to catch, and she knows they are the ones doing the shit-disturbing between Buddhists and Muslims. I guess you all remember when a group of American ‘diplomats’ were detained in Northwest Burma recently, yah ofcourse, because she knows the Karen Christian rebels are backed by the U.S. She called Thein Sein and just said, hold those Americans right there, and question them. Sure the Kachins are being financed to cause shit between Buddhists and Muslims because the Christians don’t want them to be allies, obviously. Sure, she can reconstruct Rohyinga communities, but then the Kachins come back , undectectably, and wreck everything again, so until she gets rid of them. . . . the situation then is simply not what people think it is. . . The Dalai Lama is not the highest power of Buddhism on earth,  – SHE IS.  And as I mentioned before, it is SHE who sent PLA into Tibet to Protect the Dalai Lama’s Buddhism. Yes, she exists, she just never exposes herself to the media in any way. She’s been to Toronto. Yah, I would know.


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