The Uighers of Xinjiang

The Uighers of Xinjiang live and work extensively throughout all China, and there are no problems between Uighers and Chinese. For example , there are many whom work in Guangzhou city way, way in the south of China, there are never any problems with Uighers in Guangzhou. There are U.S. and Canadian CIA trouble makers in Guangzhou whom yes, sure enough have their contacts even all the way up to Xinjiang, they just call them to stir up shit with the Chinese, and yes the other dimension is , for sure there really are some tensions sometimes between local Uigher and Chinese officials about some pay-off not made whatever. .The Burmese Commandress is well aware of all the facts and has said even though her Buddhism and Islam are ‘perhaps not so close ‘ , still she will send troops to Uzbekistan if Karimov ever needs assistance, for SURE . The Burmese Commandress has no war with Islam as she has stated, and has more than extensive contacts in Yemen. . . U.S. and Canadian CIA spoofs hang out in a little bar right across from The Garden Hotel where Pierre Trudeau’s photo with a Nigerian and Chinese minister is on the wall from the 70s, yep, right there on Huanshi Lu. . . .


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