U.S.-North Korea Relations. An extremely brief note.

The Burmese Commandress runs the Burmese-Chinese-North Korean Army Conglomerate. When you are speaking to North Korea, then you are speaking to the Burmese Commandress. I remember a conversation with her here in Toronto, and she had indicated then she was more than aware of U.S. and Canadian hegemonistic intentions in not just the Orient, but Central Asia and South Asia as well, and indicated that she would imminently send PLA into Tibet, as she has done. She has no war with Islam or Hindu cultures, though CIA U.S. and Canada have been stirring up problems in Burma making it look as if there are problems between Buddhists and Islam. Hey, I am from the Asian region, and there are Islamic mosques in Hong Kong and mainland China, the Chinese government welcoms some forms of Islam. In downtown Hong Kong in Kowloon, one of the most beautiful structures is an Islamic Mosque right on the corner of Kowloon park, there is never any dissention from any groups, and yes, the Christian church has their place right up the street, whatever eh?And when you speak to North Korea, you are speaking to people whom know the LIU FAMILY who’s daughter was murdered in the York University neighborhood in 2011, and this is another story I will speak of in another article. The Burmese Commandress and her friends families are still extremely angry about that. The Burmese Commandress was nice enough to even allow American and Canadian companies into her Buddhist City of Macau, and then U.S. sits offshore of Asia trying to tell everyone how to run their lives? Oooops, hey. . . trust me, its not going over too well, and really, U.S. troops should simply diplomatically move back to Hawaii.  The Burmese Commandress will also send PLA into Uzbekistan if U.S. causes Karimov any problems, though nobody will stop Mr. Karimov from getting some good shopping deals from U.S. , sure. .  . .


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