About CSIS (Canadian “Secret” Intelligence Services)

In the most diplomatically way possible, to point out one of the major problems with CSIS Canada is. . . . Their old school intelligence agents say in their 60’s and up still cling to old ways and predjudices that are so inappropriate as they always were. . . running around looking for perceived ‘ communists ‘ where there are none, overly paranoid about cultures they simply do not understand etc. . . . Like for example, when I was conducting business in the Chinese language in Vancouver, a CSIS agent named Rick walked right into our office, stood there and started yelling at me ‘ Kevin you CHINK ! CHINK!. . .’  and he said it 6 times as his face went neon red. He was about 65 years of age approximately, and really that was just outrageous. And then two days later a woman from CSIS walked in and said to me ‘ ….they are taking over this place you know?…..the Chinese I mean ….’   and I just said. . . look lady, for starters, Vancouver has barely any population density to speak of , and whomever is settling here be it Chinese, East Indians, Pakistans, Latinos etc, its all fine, not a problem. And she looked at me like ‘ traitor! ‘  I found that very funny.  I still say most Canadians are the least adapted of any group in the world to Global Culture . I would know, I am from the Asian region as well as having been born in Canada. Anyways, obviously anyone can imagine that if language such as Rick used against myself slamming Chinese language, then hey,  if CSIS agents go around swearing at people speaking Ukrainian, German or whatever, then CSISis just setting a bad example of itself really. . .


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