People can be extreme about their religions, if they kind of keep it private, sure…….

Mrs. Jones was a Baptist Extremist. However, Mrs. Jones always kept that to herself in the privacy of her own home, and hey, that was fine, sure. . . Her son Steven was my best friend for years when I was a kid. Him and I entered their house one afternoon, Steve says we can go through to the kitchen and get a bite to eat, very hospitable people. . . On the way to the kitchen I glanced into the living room and there was Mrs. Jones laying on the living room floor,on a blanket with a bible held in her hands next to her chest. And I immediately said to Steve is your mom ok, has she fallen down unconscious…..he said oh no, she always spends the afternoons as this praying in the living room in front of the big window. . . I simply replied, okay, sure. . . Steven had even told me before that even though he believed the same things his parents did about their sect of Christianity, he felt that the WAY in which his parents expressed it was just way, way too extreme. But sure, people CAN be EXTREME about any decent religion they like, as long as they kind of keep it to themselves, sure. . . . He was always calling his dad a bigot because Mr.Jones even used to criticize other Christians from other sects because they did not hold some of the extreme Baptist views he did. . . he meant well, but was quite a bit over the top. . . So anyways, I mean, I remember thinking, wow I never realised that there were some people right here in Etobicoke Toronto with such extreme Christian practices. Oh well, whatever…..Mrs.Jones was a beautiful, really nice woman, never pushed her religion on anyone. . . See what I mean?


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