Hillary Clinton : A message from one of North American Intelligence(Babysitting service)…….

Hillary, a little while back , someone from Scorpion Red Islamabad asked me if I thought that you personally and directly had anything to do with the Sikh Temple Massacre in Wisconson in 2012.  I had replied that in this case no, I did not think that you had anything to do with it , but instead probably someone from a local paramilitary training group in Wisconsin. Then the news reported that the Sikhs had been targeted because they were mistaken for being Islamic, though ofcourse Islamic people should not be targeted either, though the news article intimated otherwise. . . It is the most ignorant thing to (and typically American I will say) to just lump people of what are perceived tp be people ‘ of a type ‘ , and assassinating them, using them as a convenient ‘ umbrella ‘ statement of racism against people from the Kashmir-India-and other Islamic-Hindu regions of the world whom live here in North America .  And one of the biggest non-substantial excuses the American-Israeli media reports for attacking Islam and East Indian cultures is the non-truth that Muslim and East Indian women have been ‘forced’ to wear veils.  – That is BULLSHIT. Islamic women do not put up with any back-talk from men, and they decide to wear a veil or not to. I remember about eleven years ago when I was in Macau and Mainland China, an American intelligence agent sent me an e-mail asking my opinion of the assassination of some Australian tourists in Bali Indonesia. And my response then was the same as it is now. . . Sure, it is a terrible thing when any person or group of people are assassinated, but it really is true that there are Christian Extremists in Asia(I do not mean regular, normal Christians) and they really are in many instances stepping over the lines of good taste and grace trying to heavily push their bibles on people in regions that are OBVIOUSLY Hindu and Islamic. And then there was the murders of the Chinese tourists in Phillipines whom, known to U.S. intelligence agents , came directly from Mr. Ho’stravel agency in Macau, China. I will speak of this in another article, but really, if U.S.-Israel does not stop trying to HEDGE Asia, I really will have MGM,Warner, and Wynn kicked right out of Macau. And there is no point having Adam Lambert doing a song and dance pretending to be all Muslim and East Indian friendly, because he is NOT. Everyone knows Adam Lambert is really the ugly face of the Jewish(not the regular Jewish population) Mossad Intelligence agency. So it is no wonder Adam Lambert is known in most parts of the world as Adam LamDIRT.  Some people say I am too political to be a musician. And my standard response to this is, well, but I am way too musical to not be a musician. haha ! Yes, I do have a good sense of humor. Have a nice day .  – Kevin, your Babysitter.


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