About John Kerry

Does anyone really believe that people in Asia did not realize immediately when John Kerry was installed, that he was so, simply to be used to wage his physical presence like as in hey, I represent America, I am TALLER than YOU, and I have BIG WIDE SHOULDERS and a really AUSTERE looking face. . . . Hey, I can tell you Washington, NOBODY in Asia gives a damn how large anyone is, they do not fall for that simple, childish psychological bullshit.  There are multi-multi BILLIONAIRES in Asia whom are four foot 9 , five foot 2, trust me, the Asian population does not feel a thing from John Kerrys presence. Honestly, such simplistic psychological shit-tricks, what a lauigh man. . . . And John Kerry isn’t even qualified in terms of life experience and education to even be speaking with reps from India, Central Asia, Russia, China and Korea., Middle East etc…. John Kerry represents Christian Extremists based in South Korea.


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