Leon Panetta

Though I was born in Canada, I spent I guess what could be called a lot of my growing up time in the Asian Region, Macau and Mainland China, been to Korea. . . In the most diplomatic way possible I will say that seriously I find it extremely disturbing, insulting and completely uncalled for having U.S. Military posture itself in such an antagonistic way towards the Asian people and continent. I STRONGLY suggest you move your forces back to GUAM and HAWAII and stay there and stop intentionally trying to create a war scenario in Asia. And for you Leon Panetta, to have claimed of the U.S.  ‘ ….we are a Pacific Nation ‘  .  No Leon Panetta, the U.S. is certainly NOT a Pacific Nation, and has no business causing trouble in the region. Sure, the U.S. has some good things to offer the world culturally, but I and many others will certainly say the U.S. and Israel are really going to far in trying to SUFFOCATE other nations with their own cultures. You are going way to far Panetta. Time to stop it.


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