A Meeting In Mainland China with Ex-Employees of Whitehouse. . . .

I remember a 6 hour dinner meeting with ex-employees of the Whitehouse in Guangzhou , China a little while back. . . And here is a quote from a guy whom was in his 70’s at that time……” You see, Kevin….this is what the deal has always been……The U.S. has always relied heavily on air campaigns, campaigns that often fail, especially in certain terrains, and when U.S. troops boots hit the ground, I mean when they need to fight a ground battle, they always lose….when it gets down to the grit, they can’t fight ground wars . . . ”     –  Anyways, oh yah, sure……..there was plenty more information imparted to me at that meeting, about anyone and anything in Washington, bet you all would love to hear it,…..  well , maybe some other time .  For now, I will just say, hey, no wonder Harper only sent a C-17 to Mali, because he knows Canadian troops would be sliced to ribbons there for sure, and so do I because I’ve seen, unlike Harper, in real life, in person, how Nigerians, Burmese, Vietnamese and Chinese troops train . . . . TOUGHER than any North American or European troops would even ever DARE to train, believe me.  


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