Ireland : Celtic Language and Culture .

Besides my family’s Central Asian/Oriental ancestry, we also have alot of Irish in our(herstory) history as well . Ya know. . . I really wonder, why is it that people in Ireland are not speaking Irish Gaelic 24-7.  I mean, hey man, if I come to Ireland, I will NOT speak English, I will speak Irish Gaelic. I mean, if I go to London sure I will speak Chinese, Russian, Arabic, maybe some Uzbek, and certainly be pleased to speak some English if the opportunity arises, sure why not?  haha. . . Oli Twist and all that, right Lizzie ?  The absolute High Priestess of Gaelic used to live here in Toronto, they were my best friend’s mother. She was from Ireland, and taught Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic in an extremely exclusive university on an island just off the coast of Ireland. She herself knew how to speak, read and write more than one version of particularily Irish Gaelic, but also Scottish Gaelic, and she could sit there and translate a Rankin Family album’s Gaelic lyrics in a firestorm blink of an eye . Absolutely phenomenal . Bono is always talking about peace, and no wonder coming from war-torn Ireland where, for a reason I just do not get, the Irish and Roman Catholics at it with eachother, and for what? I mean, they should probably see that both sects of Catholicism probably have more in common to get along with than to be arguing about. So, anyways, in Ireland give me a restaurant menu in Gaelic, and I’ll have a spaghetti bolanaise with some Irish clovers sprinkled on top, bit of parmesaen, sure. . . why the fuck not?   – Smile baby .


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