CIA and their ‘subtle’ wimp-ass assassination ‘ threats’ they post in regular media as Yahoo etc….

Yahoo yesterday had some post about a girl whom is supposed to be really freaky and oh soooo dangerous man…..oh please, such Canadian and U.S. kitchen knives rattling….let’s see, they said this girl  has already killed animals( they do that at Canada Packers every day 24-7 anyways, so whoopdie doooo) and has indicated an interest in killing humans…  then they specified that she is walking around with ‘ a kill kit ‘  .  hahaha ! Oh hey people, make me laugh or what? Oh piddle-diddle on a fiddle .  In Mainland China for example I have had about 25 good assassination attempts on MY life by CIA and Mi6, and they always fail, because I always win, and I always will . Infact, right here in Burlington Ontario 9 days ago up at a local mall, a suspicious looking character was approaching me with large jacket and he was just reaching to his left with his right hand, so seeing he was probably packing a bit of ‘ heat ‘ , I simply stepped to his right, my left, blocking his ability to draw whatever little hand pistol was tucked in their between the newspaper on his left side. . . I turned around a few strides later, smiled in a laughing kind of way. You should have seen the surprised look on his face. Sure, I’ve seen and experienced everything. Can’t assassinate me, forget it. And what a BORING assassination attempt on me THAT was. Fuck, I’ve certainly seen better. Oh well, it’s Burlington Canada, can’t expect too much excitement.  Trust me, your North American ‘ Kill Kits ‘  ain’t loaded with anything like I’ve disarmed in Mainland China. Know what I mean Hillary?  hahahahaha ! Oh fuck, you North Americans are HILL-arious .


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