U.S. Submarines Have Ability to go deep below and into any continent. – Read my conversation in Mainland China with a high-ranking former U.S. Navy now retired and served in Japan, South Pacific for 30 years. . . .

The U.S. today is threatening to ‘ charge a service fee ‘ for ‘ disaster ‘ relief . . . . Oh?  –  Considering it just may be the U.S. itself who is CREATING not all, but surely SOME of these ‘ disasters ‘ with U.S. Submarines extremely deep below a given continent in a region they wish to exert control, ya know, create a disaster, then come in like heros offering the solution. . . . Don’t think so?  Then read this . . . .

A  quote from a face to face conversation over a coffee in Mainland China with a former U.S. Navy now retired, served in Japan, South Pacific 30 years :   ” Well, you see Kevin, U.S. submarines do not necessarily travel the full arc vector of the earth in the water. . . highly classified is that there are passageways BENEATH all continents that submarines can traverse. . . like for example, the distance from say San Francisco Bay to the harbor in Hong Kong is not as long as you might imagine, because we can cut right through extremely deep passageways in a straight linear path instead of travelling a semi-circle half way around the world. . . we literally go through and under continents in submarines. . .and it does have many tactical advantages. . .”

So there you have it. . .  To make a long conversation and story short, when I asked him if the U.S. Submarine fleets set small explosions under continents they wish to influence, he said ” . . .now Kevin, THAT really IS quite classified. .”  So in as much as he said nothing on that, it says ALOT, obviously .  Scorpion Red feels, ‘ hmmm, something about that recent tsunami in Japan ‘ . . . more than likely U.S. wanting to be sure Japan is under their thumb at a time when U.S. is planning to get agressive in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea. . . .



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