Meeting with one of Nigeria’s top military I recall in Mainland China.

In the BCNK(Burmese-Chinese-North Korean) Army Conglomerate Supreme Commandress headquarters in Mainland China, I recall a rather lengthy meeting with one of Nigeria’s representitives. . . So Kevin, you are from Canada. . well, I will not say I am extremely thrilled about that because it is still British Empire forces, but ok, nice to meet you Kevin, but I will say , I am telling you Kevin ” America IS the Devil. ”  A very large man in stature, pretty viscous sense of humor, entertaining, great meeting . Anyways to make a long story short,  – so, this week Canada is thinking of going to ‘ help out ‘ in Western Africa? Well, besides the fact that Canada has no real clue whom they would be fighting against, I mean seriously, oh well, I’ve got nothing else to say really. . . the good friend of the Burmese Commandress, the man from Nigeria, trust me, he will not hesitate to annihilate Canadian Forces in West Africa. Just a little something off the bat today. Have a good one, cheers, I’m having a cappucino. 


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