Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton. 72 hours ago someone from Scorpion Red Panama is wondering if you would like a free bus ticket to Raleigh North Carolina or perhaps a plane ticket to Czech Republic(landing not included) . Nobody needs your opinion in this world Hillary. You are just a simple little girl from Scranton Pennsylvsnia who knows nothing about this world we live in . You are as you have always been :  a photo opportunity seeking professional socialite who for some reason nobody knows why, you feel you must have your face in everybody’s business……oh little hillary wants to be the leader of the hopscotch club, the bake- athon club, the whatever club …as long as you got your face in it even when you know nothing about the subject at hand, , , and as we all predicted from your insane psychological profile, you played sick for awhile after realizing the blunder you made snubbing Ms. Karimov in NYC, then dumbo you realized it was HER FATHER , president of Uzbekistan whom allowed your troops to back their asses out of Afghanistan ( a place they should not have been in the first place) into Mr. Karimov’s backyard Uzbekistan, and then to return in the media with some power profile, photo of yourself, like as in to reasert your ‘ grandure ‘,,,haaha, so predictable, I was just counting down the seconds KNOWING your ‘POWER PHOTO’ or whatever would certainly show up BEFORE end of this weekend . I originally predicted Sunday evening, but there it is right now on Yahoo . haha. You are such a simpleton Hillary Rodham . Give it up Hillary. . . Even Lavrov was laughing it up about you after your last photo opportunity in Russia when you could not even remember what door you had just walked in.   


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