The Star Wars series and why you should not watch too much of it.

– This series presents life as either completely’ evil ‘ or ‘ good ‘ whatever those designated values are supposed to mean, without accounting for all the shades of grey in between. Individuals are composed of a mix of dark and light. Too extreme of either proportion is dangerous for any individual’s or group of people’s survival. The Star Wars series is ludicrously out of proportion bordering on complete idiocy. Like for example, in this story, the REAL Emperor of this galaxy would not need to threaten Skywalker to ‘ join the dark side of the force or be destroyed ‘  because Luke can make the decision for himself, and besides, he could be your ally in battle some evening or day against a third, more powerful threat that lays outside of the classic Christian theme of only ‘ Good or Evil ‘ baloneycakes. . .Even the darker side of the lifeforce is not so wasteful of perfectly good potential allies . STAR WARS, a technical masterspiece, but practically speaking, its philosophies are based in the most extreme ignorance .   –  Kevin


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