Star Trek – The Most Racist Series Ever Produced

There is no doubt that the actesses and actors in the many Star Trek series are absolutely brilliant at what they do . They are just living out scenes that have been written out for them. It is the writers, the ones whom wish to perform a certain type of social engineering on people, they are the problem .  To make a really long story short, just take a look for yourselves at any of the original Star Trek/Star Trek Voyager/Star Trek the Next Generation/Deep Space 9  etc. . . .  This whole series is simply a production of Jewish America projecting it’s own version of the universe on everyone else, it is an EXACT REPLICATE of how the U.S. literally views other races outside of itself, except projected into an imaginary space-program.  I mean, there is real life Chinese Garret Wang cast as ‘ Lt. Harry KIM ‘  a Korean of the southern sort no doubt, on Star Trek Voyager. . . the writers OBVIOUSLY trying to project that ‘ a Chinese shall play a Korean to show that we believe China needs to follow the South Korean(‘Democracy’ Club) model.’  United States has ‘ Democracy’ ? I would say no more than anywhere else in the world, in fact probably LESS . Once again, the Jewish race playing carrot and stick with people’s psychology . Anyways, see for yourselves, read the credits on that show. . . and throughout all the other Star Treks. . . the list of BS goes on and on. . . – Spock(the UN’s ice-cold uninformed vision of Chinese Culture and People, Sulu(Oh, hey, he’s ‘ okay ‘ because he’s part of U.S. Pacific campaingn Pearl Harbor-Hiroshima and all that. . .)   –  Klingons, whom no doubt are cast with East Indians in mind right to the political edge(true to real life as the U.S. actually views India(maybe they are friends and maybe they are not? ) type of attitude, and who could ever blame India anyways? . . . . The Romulans who seem to simmer as kind of semi-friendly Koreans in the original Star Trek. . . yes, (not exactly enemies, let’s see if they join the UN sort of thing….) yah know, I mean …. Oh, just watch it for yourselves , it will all be instantly crystal clear. And oh yes, the United States Enterprise journeys in space to the SAME Islamic destinations they go to here on earth where they cast themselves as heroes in the Islamic worlds where they were looking for none . . .  – Star Trek. . . Though technically a beautiful production, it is also the most racist production of all time . They are not even subtle about it, it is just so OBVIOUS .  


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